The images and pictures within this page illustrate information related to Ytterby. Ytterby is a village on the Swedish island of Resarö, in Vaxholm Municipality in the Stockholm archipelago.

The name of the village means "outer village".

Chemical discoveries

At a quarry and mine near the village, the rare earth mineral yttria was discovered and named after the village. This crude mineral eventually proved to be the source of four new elements that were named after the mineral ore and the village. These elements are yttrium (Y), erbium (Er), terbium (Tb), and ytterbium (Yb) and were first described in 1794, 1842, 1842, and 1878, respectively. In 1989 the ASM International society installed a plaque at the former entrance to the mine, commemorating the mine as a historical landmark.

In addition, three other lanthanides, holmium (Ho, named after Stockholm), thulium (Tm, named after Thule, a mythic analog of Scandinavia), and gadolinium (Gd, after the chemist Johan Gadolin) can trace their discovery to the same quarry.

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Weather trend (Sweden)

Today's conditions of the weather are described as with a local temperature of °C and a wind speed over ground of km/h. Wikipedia has even more information about Ytterby.

Close places of interest

Vaxholm Municipality (2.36 km)

Vaxholm Municipality (Vaxholms kommun or Vaxholms stad) is a municipality within Stockholm archipelago in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. The municipal slogan is "Vaxholm – the capital of the archipelago", due to its central location in the archipelago. Its seat is located in the city of Vaxholm. From 1974 to 1984 Vaxholm was united with Österåker Municipality, making up a municipality called Vaxholm, but with the seat in Åkersberga. After the "divorce" the new Vaxholm Municipality came out larger than it had been before the amalgamation.

Vaxholm Fortress (2.63 km)

Vaxholm Fortress is a historic fortification on an island in the Stockholm archipelago just east of the Swedish village of Vaxholm. In 1970, it was used as a movie location for the pirate stronghold in Pippi in the South Seas. A scenic view of the castle may be seen from the car ferry which plies the short distance between Vaxholm and the island Rindö. History The fortress was originally constructed by Gustav Vasa in 1544 to defend Stockholm against shipborne attacks from the east, but most of the current structure dates from 1833-1863.

Österskär (4.59 km)

Österskär is eastern part of Åkersberga, Österåker Municipality in Sweden. It hosts the terminal station of the Stockholm suburban railway Roslagsbanan. The area is located in a hilly peninsula between Tunaviken and Sätterfjärden northwest of Trälhavet. Due to the height differences and the possibility to get a sea view speed up the building process. Many Stockholmers have their boats in one of Österskär's many marinas. In 1906, Roslagsbanan opened to Österskär for freight traffic.

Tynningö (5.09 km)

Tynningö is an island in the Stockholm Archipelago. It is located close to Vaxholm.

Bogesund Castle (5.38 km)

Bogesund Castle is a castle in Sweden.

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