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The maps and pictures further below present facts related to Vakarel radio transmitter. The Vakarel Transmitter is a large broadcasting facility for long- and medium wave near Vakarel, Bulgaria. The Vakarel Transmitter was inaugurated in 1937. It has one directional antenna consisting of three guyed masts and another consisting of two masts.

The most remarkable mast of the Vakarel Transmitter is the 215 metre tall Blaw-Knox Tower, built in 1937 by the company Telefunken. Nowadays, along with Lakihegy Tower, Hungary, Riga LVRTC Transmitter, Latvia, Lisnagarvey Radio Mast, Northern Ireland and one mast of the Stara Zagora Transmitter in Bulgaria, one of the few Blaw-Knox Towers in Europe.

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Vakarel (0 km)

Vakarel is a village, away from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Population: 1984 people. It is situated in the Ihtiman part of Sredna Gora mountains. The village is important transport knot for the railway Sofia - Plovdiv. Near Vakarel is the Trakiya motorway. Vakarel is 822 meters above sea level. About away from the village is the Vakarel Radio Transmitter. Near Vakarel is the Vakarelian Monastery 'Saint Petka'. The monastery is relatively new, established in 20th century, now is working periodically. Its yearly celebration is on 14th of October.

Lesnovo Airfield (10.86 km)

Lesnovo Airfield is an airfield in Lesnovo, Bulgaria. It is located some 22 km east from Sofia in the municipality of Elin Pelin. Until 1989 Lesnovo airfield served as agricultural airport. In 2001 the airport became the property of Intersky. The asphalt runway was extended and expanded to reach the present size of 910x25 m. As of fall 2013, Lesnovo airfield has three hangars, traffic tower, restaurant and hotel. In 2011 the airfield registered over 5000 aircraft movements.

Lesnovo, Bulgaria (11.52 km)

Lesnovo is a village in central western Bulgaria, part of Elin Pelin municipality, Sofia Province. it has 1,829 inhabitants. The village came into existence in 16-17th centuries. Lesnovo has a three-domed Eastern Orthodox church of St Archangel Michael, a rare design for Bulgaria, dating to the early 20th century; it also features pointed arches. Lesnovo Airport, a small new private airport, is located near the village.[1] Lesnovo lies in the eastern Sofia Valley, between the Balkan Mountains to the north and Sredna Gora to the southeast.

Primorsko Airfield (12.04 km)

Primorsko Airfield is an airfield in Primorsko, Bulgaria. The airfield was built in 2003. Located 5 km west of Primorsko near the village of Yasna polyana.

26th MMC – Sofia-province (13.62 km)

26th Multi-member Constituency – Sofia-Province is a constituency whose borders are the same as Sofia Province in Bulgaria. Background Since the Bulgarian parliamentary election, 2009 26th Multi-member Constituency – Sofia-Province elects 8 members in the Bulgarian National Assembly, 7 of which through proportionality vote and 1 through majority vote Members in the Bulgarian National Assembly Through majority vote Through proportionality vote Elections 2009 election proportionality vote majority vote Sources ↑

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