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Thomson Road Grand Prix circuit

The clickable images and pictures within this page show data about Thomson Road Grand Prix circuit. The Thomson Road Grand Prix circuit was a former race circuit on Thomson Road encompassing Old Upper Thomson Road in Singapore. It was formerly a racing venue for the Formula Libre & Australian AF2 rules from 1961 to 1973. The track is 4.865 km or 3.023 miles long and runs in a clockwise direction. During the initial years, the main Motorcycle and Car Grand Prix lasted 60 laps, although this was eventually refined into two separate races - a preliminary 20 lap event followed by a 40 lap event. The first Singapore Grand Prix of 1961 was won by Ian Barnwell in an Aston Martin DB3S while the first Singapore Grand Prix of post independent Singapore (also run to Formula Libre rules) saw Lee Han Seng win in a Lotus 22 Lotus-Ford. The final victory went to Vern Schuppan in a March-Ford in 1973.

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