Siebenhirten (Vienna U-Bahn)

The clickable maps and pictures on this page present information related to Siebenhirten (Vienna U-Bahn). Siebenhirten is a station on of the Vienna U-Bahn. It is located in the Liesing District. It opened in 1995.

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Perfektastraße (Vienna U-Bahn) (0.76 km)

Perfektastraße is a station on of the Vienna U-Bahn. It is located in the Liesing District. It opened in 1995.

Atzgersdorf (2.02 km)

Atzgersdorf is a former municipality in Lower Austria that is now a part of the 23rd Viennese district Liesing. A small part of the former municipality today is part of the 12th Viennese district Meidling. Today, the cadastral commune Atzgersdorf has got an area of 411,42 hectare. The part that belongs to Meidling has got an area of 35 hectare. Geography The east of Atzgersdorf is counted among the geological era of Holocene. The west is built on ground originating in the Pannonium, which is a subdivision of the Miocene.

Liesing (2.06 km)

Liesing is the 23rd district of Vienna (23. Bezirk, Liesing). It is on the southwest edge of Vienna, Austria. It was formed after Austria's Anschluss with Germany, when Vienna expanded from 21 districts to 26. Fifteen Lower Austrian districts, especially the old legal jurisdiction of Liesing, were incorporated into the 25th district. After the allied occupation of Vienna, this law was not recognized and Liesing became a part of Lower Austria in the Soviet occupation zone. In 1946, a law intended to alter the districts of Vienna was vetoed by the occupation authorities.

Shopping City Süd (2.5 km)

The Shopping City Süd (SCS) is a shopping centre located in Vösendorf, south of Vienna, Austria. With a leasable area of 173,000 square metres, it is the biggest shopping mall in Austria and also one of the biggest in Europe. It contains over 330 shops and has around 4,500 employees. The SCS offers 10,000 parking spaces. It also serves people from Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. In December 2007, the SCS was sold for €607 mil. to Dutch real estate company Unibail-Rodamco, which also owns the Donauzentrum, the biggest shopping centre in the city of Vienna.

Inzersdorf (Vienna) (3.37 km)

Inzersdorf (before 1893 Inzersdorf am Wienerberge, 1893 - 1938 Inzersdorf bei Wien) was before 1938 an independent municipality, and is now a part of the 23rd Viennese district Liesing. Today, the cadastral commune Inzersdorf has got an area of 854,06 hectare and is so on the biggest part of the district. But in the 19th century, independent Inzersdorf had also got place in the today 10th viennese district, and bordered on the villages Vösendorf, Leopoldsdorf, Ober‑ and Unterlaa, and (in the West) on Erlaa.

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