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Podbielskiallee (Berlin U-Bahn)

The selectable images and aerial photographs further below illustrate data related to Podbielskiallee (Berlin U-Bahn). Podbielskiallee is an underground railway station in the German capital city of Berlin. It is part of the Berlin U-Bahn network and located in the Dahlem district on the .

The station opened on October 12, 1913 (architect was H.Schweitzer). The street was named after Prussian Minister of State Victor von Podbielski (1844–1916), son of General Eugen Anton Theophil von Podbielski. The platform was roofed over in 1978, before only a part of it was under the roof. The U3 trains towards Krumme Lanke the came above ground after Breitenbachplatz.

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