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Paris-Gare de Lyon (or Gare de Lyon) is one of the six large mainline railway station termini in Paris, France. It handles about 90,000,000 passengers every year, making it the third busiest station of France and one of the busiest of Europe. It is the northern terminus of the Paris–Marseille railway. It is named after the city of Lyon, a stop for many long-distance trains departing here, most en route to the south of France. The station is located in the XIIe arrondissement, on the north bank of the river Seine, in the east of Paris.

The station is served by high-speed TGV trains to south and eastern France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. The station also hosts regional trains and the RER and also by the Gare de Lyon metro station.


The station was built for the World Exposition of 1900. On multiple levels, it is considered a classic example of the architecture of its time. Most notable is the large clock tower atop one corner of the station, similar in style to the clock tower of the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament, home to Big Ben.

The station houses the Le Train Bleu restaurant, which has served drinks and meals to travellers and other guests since 1901 in an ornately-decorated setting.

On 27 June 1988, a runaway train crashed into a stationary rush-hour train, killing 56 people and injuring a further 55.

The station was featured in the comedy film Mr. Bean's Holiday, starring Rowan Atkinson.

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Train services

From Gare de Lyon train services depart to major French cities such as: Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier, Perpignan, Dijon, Besançon, Grenoble and a number of destinations in the Alps.

International services operate to Italy: Turin, Milan, Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Interlaken, Lausanne and Brig and Spain: Figueres (connections to Barcelona and Madrid).

The following services currently call at Gare de Lyon:

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Gare de Lyon rail accident (0 km)

The Gare de Lyon rail accident occurred on 27 June 1988, when an SNCF commuter train headed inbound to Paris's Gare de Lyon terminal crashed into a stationary outbound train, killing 56 and injuring 57. Overview On 27 June 1988, SNCF commuter train 153944 inbound to Paris’ Gare de Lyon terminal from Melun to the southeast was running its routine 50-mile journey, using one of SNCF’s electric multiple units, Class Z 5300. As the train neared Paris, it passed the Le Vert de Maisons station, which was usually a stop on the route.

Gare de Lyon (Paris Métro) (0.02 km)

Gare de Lyon is a station on lines 1 and 14 of the Paris Métro. It is connected to the Gare de Lyon mainline rail and RER stations within one complex and is the third busiest station on the network with 30.91 million entering passengers in 2004, made up of 15.78 on line 1 and 15.13 on line 14. Line 1 The line 1 station was one of the eight original stations opened as part of the first section of line 1 between Porte de Vincennes and Porte Maillot on 19 July 1900.

Le Train Bleu (restaurant) (0.04 km)

Le Train Bleu (lit. "The Blue Train") is a restaurant located in the hall of the Gare de Lyon railway station in Paris, France. The restaurant has served drinks and meals to travelers and other guests since 1901 in an ornately decorated setting. Initially called "Buffet de la Gare de Lyon", it has been renamed "Le Train Bleu" in 1963, after the famous train of the same name.

Grey Area (gallery) (0.38 km)

Grey Area is a Paris based editions and multiples project specialising in commissioning and producing original contemporary art. Founded in 2006, Grey Area works directly with artists, inviting them to come up with ideas especially suitable for development and production as a limited edition multiple, resulting in an exhibition at the gallery space in Paris, France. Artists Grey Area works with artists to create artist multiples that draw on ideas and themes in their work.

Pont Charles-de-Gaulle (0.41 km)

The Pont Charles-de-Gaulle (Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge) is a steel-reinforced concrete girder bridge straddling the river Seine in the eastern part of Paris. It is a one-way bridge carrying road traffic from the 13th arrondissement to the 12th arrondissement. Further downstream, also a one-way bridge, Pont d'Austerlitz carries traffic travelling in the opposite direction. History In 1986, the Council of Paris (Conseil de Paris) decided to construct a new bridge between the Pont de Bercy and the Pont d'Austerlitz in southeast Paris, to imitate the design of the Pont d'Austerlitz.

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