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The clickable maps and aerial photographs below illustrate data related to Paris, Ontario. Paris, Ontario (2011 population, 11,763) is a community on the Grand River in Ontario, Canada. The town was established in 1850. In 1999, its town government was amalgamated into that of the County of Brant, Ontario, thus ending 149 years as a separate incorporated municipality.


The town was first settled on May 7, 1829, when its founder, Hiram Capron, bought the land for $10,000 and built a mill on the present townsite. The town of Paris was officially established in 1856. Since the late 1990s, Paris has experienced substantial population growth, which may be in part attributed to the rising popularity of rural communities among GTA bound commuters (see bedroom community) and the completion of Highway 403 between Hamilton and Woodstock.

Paris was named for the nearby deposits of gypsum, used to make plaster of Paris. Paris is referred to as "the cobblestone capital of Canada" (in reference to a number of aged cobblestone houses). Paris, Ontario is located at .

Paris is also the transmitter site for a number of broadcast radio and TV stations serving the Brantford and Kitchener-Waterloo areas. The actual tower site is 475 Ayr Road, just south of the town of Ayr, and it was erected and owned by Global Television Network in 1973 for CIII-TV. It was officially the main transmitter for the southern Ontario Global network until 2009, when its Toronto rebroadcaster (which had been the de facto main transmitter, given that the station was and still is based in Toronto) was redesignated as the main transmitter. Global leases space on the Ayr tower for broadcast clients including Conestoga College's campus radio station CJIQ-FM as well as local rebroadcasters of the CBC's Toronto-based outlets

The town hosts an annual "Fall Fair", a carnival which takes place over the Labour Day weekend. The Fall Fair features several rural lifestyle exhibits, as well as a midway which is complete with carnival games, rides, demolition derbies, Armchair Quarterback, and the Gravitron. It is also the northernmost community to participate in Southern Ontario's Green Energy Hub.

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Paris District High School (0.47 km)

Paris District High School (PDHS) is a regional high school in Paris, Ontario, Canada. The school itself was built in 1923, replacing the previous Grammar School which had been built in 1858, and was known officially as Paris High School until a large addition was constructed in the late 1960s. In 2004, PDHS serves students from Paris and other towns found in the immediate area, including St. George, Drumbo, Burford, Princeton and Glen Morris. The school maintains rigorous academic standards, with over 30% of the Class of 2001 graduating as Ontario Scholars.

Barker's Bush (1.37 km)

Barker's Bush is a forest located in the Grand River watershed near the banks of the Nith River in the community of Paris, County of Brant, Ontario, Canada. The bush is directly north and west of Lion's Park, and less than one kilometre northwest of the confluence of the Nith and the Grand rivers. Consisting of a mix of both coniferous and deciduous trees common to the Carolinian forests of southwestern Ontario, the bush itself is riddled with extensive bike and hiking trails which are used frequently, especially so through the warmer months (typically late Spring through early Fall).

Mount Pleasant, Perth County, Ontario (7.82 km)

Mount Pleasant is a community in Ontario.

Brantford Golf & Country Club (8.27 km)

The Brantford Golf & Country Club is a private golf course and curling club located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. It is the fourth oldest golf club in North America having been founded in 1879. The course is ranked 46 in 2010 Scoregolf Top 100 Courses in Canada. Course History The first course consisted of four holes and was located at what was known as Vinegar Hill.Sometime after 1883 with the popularity of golf growing, the course was moved to Glenmount which is located north of Henry Street and east of West Street. The property is now occupied by Arrowdale Golf Club.

CJIQ-FM (8.37 km)

CJIQ-FM, is a Canadian radio station based in Kitchener, Ontario. It is the campus radio station of the city's Conestoga College. History The station was granted an instructional license from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission in 1999, and signed on for testing in November 2000. It officially launched on January 8, 2001. The station broadcasts at 88.3 FM at a power of 4,000 watts from the CIII-TV Global tower in Ayr. CJIQ can also be heard on Rogers Digital Cable 947.

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