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The clickable images and pictures further below show data related to Palais de Justice, Paris. The Palais de Justice, located in the Île de la Cité in central Paris, France, is built on the site of the former royal palace of Saint Louis, of which the Sainte Chapelle remains. Thus the justice of the state has been dispensed at this site since medieval times. From the sixteenth century to the French Revolution this was the seat of the Parlement de Paris. The Palais also contains the ancient structure of the Conciergerie, a former prison, now a museum, where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned before being executed on the guillotine.

The architects of the monumental white-marble Second-Empire Palais de Justice (built from 1857 to 1868) were Joseph-Louis Duc and Honoré Daumet. The exterior includes sculptural work by Jean-Marie Bonnassieux.

Security is maintained by gendarmes.

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Sainte-Chapelle (0.03 km)

La Sainte-Chapelle (The Holy Chapel) is a royal medieval Gothic chapel, located near the Palais de la Cité, on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris, France. Begun some time after 1239 and consecrated on 26 April 1248, the Sainte-Chapelle is considered among the highest achievements of the Rayonnant period of Gothic architecture. Its erection was commissioned by King Louis IX of France to house his collection of Passion Relics, including Christ's Crown of Thorns - one of the most important relics in medieval Christendom.

Conciergerie (0.08 km)

La Conciergerie is a former royal palace and prison in Paris, France, located on the west of the Île de la Cité (literally island of the city). It is part of the larger complex known as the Palais de Justice, which is still used for judicial purposes. Hundreds of prisoners during the French Revolution were taken from La Conciergerie to be executed on the guillotine at a number of locations around Paris. The Middle Ages The west part of the island was originally the site of a Merovingian palace, and was initially known as Le Palais de la Cité.

Cité (Paris Métro) (0.11 km)

Cité is a metro station on Line 4 of the Paris Métro in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Location Cité station lies underneath the Île de la Cité, one of two islands on the Seine within the historical boundaries of Paris. In relation to the rest of the city, it lies within the 4th arrondissement, near Kilometre Zero, the official geographical and historical centre of Paris. The only station on the Île de la Cité, it lies near many famous landmarks, the most famous being the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Direction Régionale de Police Judiciaire de Paris (0.12 km)

The Direction Régionale de Police Judiciaire de Paris (DRPJ Paris), often called the 36, quai des Orfèvres or simply the 36 by the address of its headquarters, is the division of the Police judiciaire in Paris. Its 2,200 policemen investigate about 15,000 crimes and offences a year. The Police judiciaire, abbreviated PJ, is the criminal investigation division of the Police nationale.

Court of Cassation (France) (0.12 km)

The Court of Cassation is one of France's courts of last resort having jurisdiction over all matters triable in the judicial stream with scope of review in determining miscarriages of justice or in certifying questions of law. The Court is located in the Palais de Justice building in Paris. The Court is the court of final appeal for civil and criminal matters. As a judicial court, it does not hear cases involving claims against administrators or public bodies which generally fall within the purview of administrative courts, for which the Council of State acts as the supreme court of appeal.

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