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Niverville, New York

The images and pictures within this page present information related to Niverville, New York. Niverville is a semi-rural hamlet (and census-designated place) of many orchards located south of Kinderhook Lake on Routes 28B and 20 in the Town of Kinderhook along the beautiful Hudson River Valley in Columbia County, New York, United States. The population was 1,662 at the 2010 census.


Niverville, a hamlet of Kinderhook Town, was first settled by the Dutch; the first house was built in circa 1707 by Louren Lourenson Van Alen, who obtained the Kinderhoeck Patent—a land grant—in 1629 from Jan Hendrickse DeBruyn, including the area now known as the Hamlet of Niverville. Located within the hamlet, Kinderhook Lake—originally called Wogasawoochuk or 'Big Fish Lake' by the Mohican early Native American settlers—provides fertile, peat-rich soil that supports numerous orchards and farms.

The Niver CousinsJohn Niver and John M. Niver—emigrated to the area from Germany in the early nineteenth century. They built the first grist mill for rye flour; their prosperity built the Niver mansion just across the bridge along County Route 28 in 1848. The hamlet was ultimately named Niverville after the prosperous Nivers, although it was long known as Kinderhook Station

after its Boston and Albany Railroad, and Kinderhook and Hudson Railroad turntable, built in 1841. The Van Hoesen House has since become a local pub, "Niverville Pub" and watering hole, serving the area with live music entertainment on a regular schedule.

In 1846, the Niverville Post Office was established with less than twenty business and residential addresses. Niverville’s first park—Kinderhook Lake Park, aka ‘The Old Park’—was established in 1870 as a picnic and meeting place.

By 1899 the railroad trolleys were electrified and Niverville’s Electric Park was founded along Kinderhook Lake. Lit by colored lights, the amusement park featured two Ferris Wheels (one run by steam, the other by electricity), a Carousel, a Roller-Coaster, and other rides, as well as live Vaudeville performances held in a dancing pavilion, as well as an aquarium stocked with native fish and a bathing beach alongside the lake’s popular boating and fishing activities.

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