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The selectable images and aerial photographs further below illustrate facts related to Mugardos. Mugardos is a small fishing borough and municipality in the comarca of Ferrol, located in the province of A Coruña in the autonomous community of Galicia, northwestern Spain. It is bordered with the municipalities of Ares and Fene.


Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Mugardos does not enjoy extreme oscillation in its weather conditions between winter and summer. The summers tend to be a bit dryer than the winters, but the weather is mild all year round unlike most other parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Like the rest of Galicia, it is rainy and green.

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Description and history

The municipality comprises the main township of Mugardos, and several smaller villages. It is part of the historical comarca of Ferrolterra, and is situated near the metropolitan outskirts of the city of Ferrol. The municipality is subdivided into four parroquias ("parishes"): Santiago de Franza, San Vicente de Meá, San Xulián de Mugardos and San Xoán de Piñeiro.

During the 1960s and 1970s Mugardos was much larger than it is now, it included a movie theatre and was regarded as a summer visiting place for many Spaniards in the surrounding areas. Recently, however, it has undergone drastic changes. It is now very small and with the recent oil spills the coastal fishing industry consisting mainly of cockle pickers has temporarily declined, even though a rise in tourism is expected soon, especially with the creation of several new lodgings.

One (unverified, and probably apocryphal) account of the origin of the locality's name comes from the Spanish adjective mojado/a, meaning "soaked, wet", and apparently applied due to the frequent return of the village's fishermen to port drenched in the storms of the area. This is supposed to have morphed over time into the form "Mugardos".

One of the most historic places in Mugardos is "El Castillo de la Palma" (The Palm Castle) which is a castle standing on the southern shore of "La Ria de Ferrol" (the ferrol estuary). The castle was built in 1597 with its original name being "Nuestra Señora de la Palma" (Our Lady of the Palm) and later reformed in 1869. When it was built, the castle was merely used as a "watch tower" but later when it was reformed and became a crucial part of the defensive system of the estuary of Ferrol. Facing the castle is "El Castillo de San Felipe" (The Castle of San Felipe) which forms the other part of the defensive system. These two castles are adjoined by a large and sturdy chain that was used to prevent the entrance of enemy ships. Later, the castle was also used as a military prison where the most famous prisoner, Antonio Tejero, was held captive. Tejero was responsible for the attempted coup de etat in 1981. Recently, the Palm Castle has been bought by a hotel chain and is pending restoration.

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Mondoñedo-Ferrol (1.78 km)

The Diocese of Mondoñedo-Ferrol (also known as "Dioecesis Mindoniensis-Ferrolensis") is one of the five districts in which the Roman Catholic church divides Galicia in North-western Spain. The bishop who has two Cathedrals (i.e.: from Latin "cathedra" meaning seat, so two "seats") one in Ferrol and the other in Mondoñedo has jurisdiction over the most northern parishes of Galicia; covering the parishes of the northern part of the Province of A Coruña and the Province of Lugo.

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Estadio de A Malata (4.11 km)

Estadio Municipal de A Malata is a multi-use stadium in Ferrol, Spain. Racing have used three main stadiums over the years, starting with Campo de Futbol Infernino which they continued to use until moving to Estadio Manuel Rivera in 1954. This was an oval shaped enclosure with a single cantilever stand. In the 1970s, a cover was erected over the popular terrace. In 1993 the metropolitan area of Ferrol built Estadio da Malata to the west of the town, near the valley of Serantes. The total cost of the development was 1.7 billion pesetas.

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