Montparnasse – Bienvenüe (Paris Métro)

The clickable maps and pictures further below present facts about Montparnasse – Bienvenüe (Paris Métro). Montparnasse Bienvenüe is a station of the Paris Métro which is a transfer point between lines 4, 6, 12 and 13. It is the fourth busiest station on the metro system and is located in Montparnasse at the intersection of the 6th, 14th and 15th arrondissements.


Montparnasse — Bienvenüe station is located at the intersection of the 6th, 14th, and 15th arrondissements of Paris. Nearby are the Montparnasse district, the Tour Montparnasse office tower, the Musée Bourdelle (art museum), the Montparnasse Cemetery, the Musée de La Poste (postal museum) and the Jardin Atlantique (a rooftop garden on the roof of the Gare Montparnasse).

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On 24 April 1906 the station opened as Montparnasse station in the Avenue du Maine at the southern end of the old Gare Montparnasse (at the site currently occupied by the Tour Montparnasse, before it was moved south of the Avenue du Maine in the 1960s) with the opening of the extension of line 2 Sud from Passy to Place d'Italie. On 14 October 1907 line 2 Sud became part of line 5. On 11 March 1910 the Montparnasse station was renamed Avenue du Maine and on 30 June 1933 it was renamed Bienvenüe in honour of the principal engineer of the Paris Métro, Fulgence Bienvenüe (accounting for the unusual diaeresis in the station's name). On 12 October 1942 the section of line 5 between Étoile and Place d'Italie, including Bienvenüe was transferred from line 5 to line 6 in order to separate the underground and elevated sections of the metro (because the latter were more vulnerable to air attack during World War II).

The line 4 platforms opened as Montparnasse in the Boulevard du Montparnasse, near the main entrance of the old Gare Montparnasse (on its northern side) on 9 January 1910 as part of the connecting section of the line under the Seine between Châtelet and Raspail. The line 12 platforms were opened in the Boulevard du Montparnasse on 5 November 1910 as part of the first section of the Nord-Sud Company's line C from Porte de Versailles to Notre-Dame-de-Lorette. This line was taken over by the Compagnie du chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris and was renamed line 12 on 27 March 1931. In 1913 a connection was opened between the platforms of lines 4 and line 12 situated on the Boulevard du Montparnasse, both called Montparnasse.

The line 13 platforms opened in the Avenue du Maine as Bienvenüe on 21 January 1937 as part of the original line 14 between Bienvenüe and Porte de Vanves and was connected to the line 5 platforms. This line became part of line 13 on 9 November 1976.

Connecting the southern and northern stations

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Close places of interest

Montparnasse (0.06 km)

Montparnasse is an area of Paris, France, on the left bank of the river Seine, centred at the crossroads of the Boulevard du Montparnasse and the Rue de Rennes, between the Rue de Rennes and boulevard Raspail. Montparnasse was absorbed into the capital's 14th arrondissement in 1669.

Musée du Montparnasse (0.16 km)

The Musée du Montparnasse is a museum at 21 Avenue du Maine, in the 15th arrondissement, Montparnasse Quarter of Paris, France. The museum opened its doors on May 28, 1998. Located at the former site of the early-1900s atelier of the Russian painter, Marie Vassilieff, the museum was founded by Roger Pic and Jean-Marie Drot as a nonprofit operation.

Le Sphinx (0.21 km)

Le Sphinx was a brothel, which was opened in 1931 in Paris. In 1946, France outlawed all brothels. Le Sphinx was among the most expensive and best known maisons de tolérance in the Paris of the 1930s.

Edgar Quinet (Paris Métro) (0.31 km)

Edgar Quinet is a station of the Paris Métro serving line 6 at the intersection of the Boulevard Edgar-Quinet, the Rue du Montparnasse and the Rue de la Gaîté in the 14th arrondissement. History The station opened as part of the former Line 2 South on 24 April 1906, when it was extended from Passy to Place d'Italie. On 14 October 1907 Line 2 South was incorporated into Line 5. It was incorporated into line 6 on 12 October 1942.

Boulevard du Montparnasse (0.31 km)

The Boulevard du Montparnasse is a two-way boulevard in Montparnasse, in the 6th, 14th et 15th arrondissements in Paris. Situation The boulevard joins the place Léon Paul Fargue and place Camille Jullian. The Tour Montparnasse and place du 18 juin 1940 also found along it.

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