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Maribor Synagogue

The selectable images and aerial photographs further below present facts related to Maribor Synagogue. Maribor Synagogue is a former synagogue and current museum in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. Located in what was the center of the medieval Maribor ghetto Židovska ulica ("Jewish Street"), it is one of the oldest preserved synagogues in Europe, and one of only two left in Slovenia; the other being the Lendava Synagogue . It once functioned as the centre of the medieval Jewish community in Maribor, among the most prominent in the Eastern Alps-area.


First mentioned in 1429, the synagogue is thought to have been built sometime in the 14th century. Located next to the city walls, it was part of a complex that included a Jewish cemetery, rabbinical residence, and Talmudic school. A fortified tower nearby - part of the walls themselves - was known as the Židovski stolp ("Jewish Tower"), while a building housing ritual baths stood outside the walls on the Drava riverbank.

At points throughout its history, the synagogue served as a temporary seat of the Supreme Rabbinate of Styria. In 1497, the Jews of Maribor were expelled, scattering all over Europe, especially Italy. After the expulsion, the synagogue was in 1501 turned into a Catholic church, the Church of All Saints . The former rabbi's residence to the west of the main building became a curate office, while another, smaller building on the eastern side housed the sexton.

In 1785, during the anticlerical reforms of Joseph II, the church was confiscated, deconsecrated, and converted into a military warehouse. It served in this capacity until 1811, when it was sold to private owners for use as an apartment house, which it remained until the 1980s, when the municipality of Maribor renovated it for use as an art gallery. In 2001 the building was converted into a museum and cultural-exhibition venue, administered by the Regional Museum of Maribor. It houses a display on the history of the Jewish community of Maribor.

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The Lent International Summer Festival is a major arts festival held for approximately two weeks at the end of June annually in Maribor, Slovenia. Organized by the Narodni dom Cultural Center every year the festival attracts theatre, opera, ballet performers, classical, modern, and jazz musicians and dancers from all over the world as well as visitors. There are also mimes, magicians, and acrobats performing during the festival.

City Municipality of Maribor (0.14 km)

The City Municipality of Maribor, also the City of Maribor (acronym MOM) is one of eleven city municipalities in Slovenia. Its center is Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia.

Old Bridge (Maribor) (0.18 km)

The Old Bridge, also named the State Bridge, the Main Bridge and the Drava Bridge, is a bridge crossing the Drava River in Maribor, northeastern Slovenia. It links Carinthia Street and Pobrežje Street and is long. Its central part, spanning across the Drava, is long and has three steel arches. The bridge was completed in 1913 and opened to trafic on 23 August of that year. During World War II, it was damaged and later partially rebuilt. The last renovations took place in 1990 and 1998.

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Marburg's Bloody Sunday (German:, Slovene:) is the name of a massacre that took place on Monday, 27 January 1919 in the city of Maribor (German:) in Slovenia. Soldiers from the army of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (aka Yugoslavia), under the command of Slovene officer Rudolf Maister, killed between 9 and 13 civilians of German ethnic origin, wounding a further 60, during a protest in a city centre square. Estimates of casualties differ between Slovene and Austrian sources.

Main Square, Maribor (0.2 km)

The Main Square of Maribor, also known as Glavni trg, used to be home to Maribor Slovenia's merchants' and on the upper side of the square is home to an open market. Notable buildings Maribor Town Hall - Renaissance architecture -built in 1515.

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