Mairie d'Ivry (Paris Métro)

The clickable images and pictures below show material about Mairie d'Ivry (Paris Métro). Mairie d'Ivry is a station of the Paris Métro, serving Line 7 in the commune of Ivry-sur-Seine, opened on 1 May 1946, when the line was extended from Porte d'Ivry.

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Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris Métro) (0.67 km)

Pierre et Marie Curie is a station on the southeast branch of Line 7 of the Paris Métro. The station, located in Ivry-sur-Seine, was opened in 1946. It was previously known as Pierre Curie. Following a renovation completed on 31 January 2007, it was renamed to honour his wife and fellow Nobel laureate Maria Skłodowska-Curie as well on 8 March, International Women's Day. It thereby becomes only the third station in the Métro named for a woman that is not a saint, after Marguerite de Rochechouart and Louise Michel.

Ivry-sur-Seine (Paris RER) (0.68 km)

Ivry-sur-Seine is a station in Paris' express suburban rail system, the RER. It is situated on the Paris–Bordeaux railway. The station is situated in the eastern side of Ivry-sur-Seine, in Val-de-Marne. Travelers can take RATP bus 125 and 323 to connect between this station and Mairie d'Ivry on Paris Métro Line 7.

Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées (0.72 km)

The Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées (IPSA) is a French private postgraduate school in aerospace engineering located at Ivry-sur-Seine and Toulouse, recognized by the French state since 2010, whose diploma has been accredited by the French Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur since 2011. It was founded in 1961 and is part of IONIS Education Group since 1998.

École des technologies numériques appliquées (0.74 km)

The École des technologies numériques appliquées (ETNA) is a French private university in computer science localized at Ivry-sur-Seine. The school is part of IONIS Education Group. The degrees delivered by the university are recognized by the French state. The university is from the same group as EPITA and EPITECH. The partnership ETNA/EPITA/EPITECH allows students to use the equipment to the two other universities. ETNA graduates can proceed to others courses at the IONIS School of Technology and Management or a MBA at the Institut supérieur de gestion.

Boulevard de la Zone (1.27 km)

Boulevard de la Zone is a street in the XIIIe arrondissement of Paris named from the historical military zone. It has been planted with trees for much of its length of 515m and has an average width of 8m. It runs from the Avenue de la Porte d'Ivry to the Avenue de la Porte de Choisy. It now forms part of the ring-road around Paris, the boulevard périphérique or le périf. One side marks the border of Ivry-sur-Seine from which it was annexed to Paris on April 19, 1929. On July 27, 1945 it was renamed after Hippolyte Marquès. The closest métro stations are Porte de Choisy (approx.

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