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List of shipwrecks in 1910

The clickable maps and aerial photographs within this page present data about List of shipwrecks in 1910. The list of shipwrecks in 1910 includes all ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1910.


  • SS Farallon : She sank in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Crew survived for a month on an island until rescued.

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18 April

  • SS Minnehaha : She ran aground on rocks in the Isles of Scilly. Refloated on 13 May and returned to service after repairs were made.
  • ran aground on Hoborgsriff, off the coast of Sweden. Refloated and towed to Oscarshamn where sold for scrap.


23 June

  • : She sprang a leak and foundered in the North Sea off the Danish coast.


20 July


2 August

  • James Rolph : The 4-masted schooner ran aground in San Pablo Bay, near San Francisco. No lives lost and the ship was later stripped of salvageable components and abandoned.

5 August

31 August


September 5


10 October


6 November

  • Preussen : She was accidentally rammed by in the English Channel off Dover, and then beached without loss of life.

Unknown date


9 December

  • : The Elder Dempster 2,804 grt cargo ship left London on 9 December 1910, bound for the Canary Islands but did not arrive. There were reports from another British ship that left Liverpool around the same time of violent storms, so it was presumed that she foundered and sank.

10 December

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