Les Halles (Paris Métro)

The clickable maps and pictures further below illustrate information related to Les Halles (Paris Métro). Les Halles is a station on line 4 of the Paris Métro in the 1st arrondissement. It takes its name from the market halls which were on the site for many years.

The original station on 21 April 1908 as part of the first section of the line from Châtelet to Porte de Clignancourt to serve Les Halles (the old markets). The station was rebuilt in 1977 about ten metres further east to interchange with the new Châtelet - Les Halles RER station. This RER station is connected by underground corridors to the Métro station Châtelet, and Les Halles is therefore also connected with Châtelet. The Métro Line 4 is the only line that serves Les Halles, and in addition it also serves the Châtelet station.

The walking distance from (Line 4) at Les Halles to the far end of Châtelet (Line 7) is about . (However, it is more convienent to interchange between Line 4 and Line 7 at Châtelet instead.)

Les Halles serves the underground shopping center Forum des Halles. One of the floors of the Forum des Halles contains the Métro station.

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Close places of interest

Pavillon des Arts (0.12 km)

The Pavillon des Arts was a museum located in the Ier arrondissement at Les Halles, 101, rue Rambuteau, Paris, France. According to an article in Evene.fr, the museum closed in 2006. The museum was established in 1983 in a contemporary glass and steel building within Les Halles. Its exhibition space was devoted to temporary exhibits of photography, painting, sculpture, archaeology, objets d'art, jewellery, costumes, textiles, furniture, books, medals, and so forth.

Saint-Eustache, Paris (0.12 km)

The Church of St Eustace, Paris (French: L’église Saint-Eustache) is a church in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The present building was built between 1532 and 1632. Situated at the entrance to Paris's ancient markets (Les Halles) and the beginning of rue Montorgueil, St Eustace's is considered a masterpiece of late Gothic architecture. The church’s reputation was strong enough of the time for it to be chosen as the location for a young Louis XIV to receive communion. Mozart also chose the sanctuary as the location for his mother’s funeral.

Les Halles (0.13 km)

Les Halles (pronounced) is an area of Paris, France, located in the 1st arrondissement, just south of rue Montorgueil. It is named for a large central wholesale marketplace which was demolished in 1971 and replaced with an underground modern shopping precinct, the Forum des Halles, whose open air center area is below street level, like a sunken garden, and contains sculptures, fountains, and mosaics. Beneath the shopping precinct lies the underground station Châtelet-Les-Halles, a central hub of Paris's express commuter rail system, the RER.

Gare de Châtelet – Les Halles (0.18 km)

Châtelet – Les Halles is the major commuter train hub in Paris and the largest underground station in the world. It is directly connected with the Paris Métro stations Châtelet and Les Halles. Taken together they host 750,000 travellers per week day (including interchanges), 493,000 for the RER only. It is named after the Châtelet monument and the former market of Les Halles. The stationThe station is served by lines A, B, and D of the RER, and is therefore directly accessible from many stations in Île-de-France.

Musée du Barreau de Paris (0.18 km)

The Musée du Barreau de Paris is a French museum dedicated to the Paris Bar and its lawyers. It is near the Église Saint-Eustache in the Ier arrondissement at 25 rue du Jour, Paris, and open weekends by appointment; admission is free. The museum is within the vaulted cellars of the 17th century Hotel de la Porte, named for its owner, Antoine de la Porte (1641-1697), fresh fish merchant and mayor of Paris, and restored 1980-1981. Its collections include Philip III's ordinance of 23 October 1274, which first established the Paris Bar.

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