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Korporatsioon Vironia

The maps and pictures below illustrate data about Korporatsioon Vironia. Vironia is the oldest Estonian academic corporation, i.e. fraternity, in Estonia, founded in Riga on November 26, 1900.


It was a founding member of the League of Estonian Corporations in 1915 along with Fraternitas Estica, Rotalia, Sakala and Ugala.

It is currently active in Tartu, Tallinn, Australia, Sweden, Canada and the USA. Its colours are violet, black and white.


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Notable members




  • Ernst Enno (1875–1934) - Poet and writer
  • Gustav Jonson (1880–1942), military commander
  • Juhan Kukk (1885–1942), politician (later joined Student Society Liivika)
  • Karl Ipsberg (1870–1943), politician and engineer
  • Karl Selter (1898–1958), jurist, diplomat and politician
  • Edgar-Johan Kuusik (1888–1974), architect
  • Edgar Valter Saks (1910–1984), politician, historian and authour
  • Tõnis Kint (1896–1991), politician
  • Harry Männil (1920–2010), businessman
  • Roman Toi (born 1916), composer, conductor and organist
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