Historical monument One Fifty-Seven (HM157)

The clickable images and aerial photographs on this page present facts about Historical monument One Fifty-Seven (HM157). Historical Monument # 157, aka HM157, is a Victorian house from 1886. Also referred to as The Horace P Dibble House HM157 is on the California Historical landmark list. Historical Monument #157 has become the center of the Lincoln Heights art community, operating as a catalyst for arts and culture. HM157 was voted "Best Underground Date Night 2009" and "Best Escape From Corporate Entertainment 2010" by The LA Weekly. HM157 functions as a music venue, gallery, multi-purpose art work space, farm, and location for public and private events, film/video/photo shoots, cinema screenings, eco-workshops, lectures & fundraisers. Some of the concerts put on at this venue have included artists like Jeffertitti's Nile, White Magic, Miranda Lee Richards, Tara Jane O'Neil, Entrance Band and more.

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