Esplanade de La Défense (Paris Métro)

The clickable maps and pictures below illustrate information about Esplanade de La Défense (Paris Métro). Esplanade de La Défense is a station on Paris Métro Line 1 on the outskirts of La Défense on the border of Courbevoie and Puteaux.

It has an island platform because of limitations on space due it being enclosed in a site originally earmarked for one of the underpasses of the A14 autoroute (which runs through La Défense underground).


The station was opened on 1 April 1992 as part of the western extension of the line from Pont de Neuilly to La Défense.

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Station layout


Statues have been erected in the station's entrance and corridors. The end of the platform toward Paris is in the open air and it is possible to see the coach station at Pont de Neuilly.

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Close places of interest

Tour Aurore (0.27 km)

Tour Aurore is a 100-metre, 29-story office building in the La Defense central business district of Paris. It was constructed in 1970 and will be dismantled in 2013 to make way for Tour Air2.

Tour D2 (0.27 km)

The Tour D2 is a tall skyscraper under construction in the La Défense business district in France. It is located in the municipality of Courbevoie and will be used for office purposes.

Pont de Neuilly (0.39 km)

Le pont de Neuilly is a road and rail bridge carrying Route nationale 13 and Paris Métro Line 1 which crosses the River Seine between the right bank of Neuilly-sur-Seine and Courbevoie and Puteaux on the left bank in the French department of Hauts-de-Seine. It faces the headquarters of La Défense and is aligned on the Axe historique of Paris. The first bridge on the site was in wood, built after the fall of Henry IV and Marie de Médicis's carriage in June 1606.

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