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The images and aerial photographs within this page illustrate information related to Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, or simply DA, (in German: Diplomatische Akademie Wien) is a postgraduate professional school based in Vienna, Austria, with focused training for students and professionals in the areas of international affairs, political science, law, languages, history and economics.

The school confers Master's degrees and postgraduate diplomas upon its graduates. It is the only member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs in Austria.


The academy was originally commissioned for establishment by Empress Maria Theresa in 1754 as "The Oriental Academy" for the purposes of training young diplomats to represent the Hapsburg Empire abroad. The school was renamed multiple times and reorganized over the centuries, and it eventually gained independent public institution status in 1996. Given its roots, DA claims to be the oldest school of its kind, one that is dedicated to professional foreign affairs training.

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The academy offers graduate degrees only. Students may choose to pursue a two-year program that leads towards either a Master of Advanced International Studies (MAIS) or a Master of Science in Environmental Technology and International Affairs (MSc ETIA) degree. The MAIS program is run in conjunction with the University of Vienna, while the MSc ETIA courses are offered in partnership with the Technical University of Vienna. A one-year "Diploma Programme" is also available to postgraduates.

DA's current director is Dr. Hans Winkler, former Austrian ambassador and State Secretary in the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.


Several prominent figures in politics, economics and law have associations with DA:

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