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The clickable images and pictures on this page present data about Anvers (Paris Métro). Anvers (Sacré-Cœur) is a station on Paris Métro Line 2, on the border of the 9th and the 18th arrondissements in Montmartre.

The station was opened on 21 October 1902 as part of the extension of line 2 from Étoile. It was the eastern terminus of the line until its extension to Bagnolet (now called Alexandre Dumas) on 31 January 1903. The station is named after the Place d'Anvers and the city of Antwerp (Anvers in French).

The station is located under the Boulevard de Rochechouart, which was built on the route of the Wall of the Farmers-General in order to enforce the collection of taxation between 1784 and 1791 but demolished in the 19th century. Anvers (Sacré-Cœur) is only station on line 2 between the Charles de Gaulle—Étoile and the Nation stations that is not built on the site of a gate (or barrière in French) of the wall. The area became important intersections and, thus, logical places for stations. Instead Anvers station was placed as close to the foot of the Montmartre funicular as possible. Nevertheless, the Barrière de Rochechouart was at the east, near the junction of the Boulevard de Rochechouart and the Rue de Rochechouart. Also near are the hill of Montmartre and the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur

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Close places of interest

Boulevard de Rochechouart (0.03 km)

The Boulevard de Rochechouart is a street in Paris, France situated at the foot of Montmartre and to its south. Like the neighbouring street, it is named after Marguerite de Rochechouart de Montpipeau (1665–1727), abbess of Montmartre. It is a result of the 1864 merging of the boulevards and chemins de ronde which followed the interior and exterior of the Wall of the Farmers-General. It has also been known as the boulevard des Poissonniers, chemin de ronde de Poissonnière and chemin de ronde de Rochechouart.

Élysée Montmartre (0.11 km)

Open in 1807, the Élysée Montmartre is a music venue, at 72 Boulevard de Rochechouart, in Paris, France. It has a capacity of 1,200 patrons. The nearest métro station is Anvers. In 1900, the venue was damaged by fire, and was re-decorated. The concert hall suffered another fire on March 22, 2011, and is currently closed to the public. It is one of the most famous music venues in the city. The venue can also host boxing matches. David Bowie's performance, during The Hours... Tour, on October 14, 1999, was filmed and recorded, with three songs later appearing on the CD single of "Survive".

Collège-lycée Jacques-Decour (0.15 km)

The collège-lycée Jacques-Decour is a school in Paris on the avenue Trudaine. History The school was founded as the private collège Sainte-Barbe in 1821, renamed the private collège Rollin in 1830. After a move of premises in 1876 and the change from a private to municipal status, it became the lycée Rollin in 1919 and then took the name of the resistance fighter Jacques Decour since 1944. It is the only school in Paris to carry the name of a former teacher. Alumni Alumni include: Édouard Manet.

Musée d'Art Naïf – Max Fourny (0.19 km)

The Musée d'Art Naïf – Max Fourny (Museum of Naïve Art–Max Fourny), also known as the Musée d'Art Brut & Art Singulier (Museum of Primitive Art and Singular Art), is a museum of naive art located in the Halle Saint-Pierre at 2, rue Ronsard, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, France. The closest Paris Métro stations are Anvers on Line 2, and Abbesses on Line 12. It is open daily (closed on weekends in August); an admission fee is charged. The museum was established in 1986 by publisher Max Fourny, in former market built in 1868 at the base of Montmartre.

Théâtre Verlaine (0.23 km)

The Théâtre Verlaine was a theater located at 66 rue de Rochechouart in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It opened in 1946 with 750 seats. In 1953 it was renamed the Théâtre des Arts and remained open until 1969 under the direction of Alexandra Rouba-Jansky.

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