The selectable images and pictures on this page illustrate data related to Altagracia. Altagracia is a municipality in the Rivas Department of Nicaragua. It is the second largest city on the island of Ometepe. Its original name was Astagalpa, meaning ‘house of the herons’ in Nahuatl.


Altagracia is home to a cathedral which was built in 1924. The city has recently installed a sculpture park next to the cathedral that contains important pre-Columbian art made from basalt rock. The figures are of great size, and represent human figures and their alter egos, mainly the eagle and jaguar.

Also present in Altagracia is the Museum of Ometepe (Museo de Ometepe) with a large archaeological and ethnographic collection.

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The city patron is San Diego de Alcalá and his festival, Fiesta de San Diego, is celebrated from November 12-18. The traditional dance called baile del Zompopo is performed on the 17th of November. This tradition is mixed with the celebration of Xolotl, who inhabited Nicaragua in pre-Columbian times before the Spaniards arrived. When the Franciscan arrived in Ometepe in 1613, this tradition was already existent, although they brought with themselves an image of San Diego de Alcalá and with time they obtained his figure and replaced Xolotl.

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Close places of interest

Ometepe (7.42 km)

Ometepe is an island formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua in the Republic of Nicaragua. Its name derives from the Nahuatl words ome (two) and tepetl (mountain), meaning two mountains. It is the largest island in Lake Nicaragua as well as the largest volcanic island inside a fresh water lake in the world. The two volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas, are joined by a low isthmus to form one island in the shape of an hourglass. Ometepe has an area of 276 km². It is 31 km long and 5 to 10 km wide. The island has an economy based on livestock, agriculture, and tourism.

Moyogalpa (13.25 km)

Moyogalpa is a municipality in the Rivas department of Nicaragua. Moyogalpa is the largest village on Ometepe and the home of the largest port. Etymology In the indigenous language Moyogalpa means "place of mosquitos.

Rivas Department (13.3 km)

Rivas is a department of the Republic of Nicaragua. It covers an area of 2,155 km² and has a population of 166,900 (2005 census). The department's capital is the city of Rivas. Overview Rivas is known for its fertile soil and beautiful beaches. Throughout the department, there are many sugar cane, plantain, tobacco, and other crop plantations. The department borders Lake Nicaragua to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The southern part of the department borders with Costa Rica.

Lake Nicaragua (26.05 km)

Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca or Granada (Lago Cocibolca, Mar Dulce, Gran Lago, Gran Lago Dulce, or Lago de Granada) is a vast freshwater lake in Nicaragua of tectonic origin. With an area of, it is the largest lake in Central America, the 19th largest lake in the world (by area) and the 9th largest in the Americas. It is slightly smaller than Lake Titicaca. With an elevation of above sea level, the lake reaches a depth of . It is intermittently joined by the Tipitapa River to Lake Managua.

San Jorge, Rivas (26.97 km)

San Jorge is a municipality in the Rivas department of Nicaragua.

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Higüey (city)

Higüey, or in full Salvaleón de Higüey, is the capital city of the eastern La Altagracia Province, in the Dominican Republic. The Yuma River flows through the urban areas of Higüey. Higüey is also the name of a former native chiefdom in Hispaniola's easternmost end when Christopher Columbus arrived. It is now one of the country's economically fastest-developing cities, sometimes nicknamed the Capital of Dominican Tourism or the Capital of Stockbreeding. As of 2006, over 150,000 people lived in Higüey.

San Rafael del Yuma

San Rafael del Yuma is a municipality of approximately 100,000 people, located in the La Altagracia province of the Dominican Republic. The ruins of Juan Ponce de León's residence are located on a plateau located three kilometers from San Rafael de Yuma. The municipality is located 10 kilometers from Boca de Yuma.

Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

Catalina Island or Isla Catalina is a tropical island located 1.5 miles from the mainland on the south-east corner of the Dominican Republic, near La Altagracia and La Romana. It is an occasional destination for cruise ships on Caribbean routes. In particular, Costa Cruises has a private beach on the island. Their ships anchor offshore and transport passengers to shore via tender. Geography The island itself is only 9.6 square kilometers in size, and is a diverse preservation of eco-systems including sand dunes, mangroves, and reefs.

El Seibo (city)

Santa Cruz del Seibo is a city in the El Seibo Province of the Dominican Republic. History The El Seibo municipality is located in the eastern part of the country. It was founded in 1506 by the conqueror of Jamaica, Juan de Esquivel, with the name of Santa Cruz de Icayagua. Towards 1518, its population disappeared and settled in Cuesta Prieta, to the east of Seibo River, where it branched off along with Soco River. The Seibo was the largest eastern province until December 31, 1944 because it was formed by the municipalities of El Seybo, Hato Mayor, Miches, Sabana de la Mar and La Romana.
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